Mesh Consulting, Training & Educational Services is one of the fastest growing business management consulting organisation offering business consulting services, auditing services and training programmes to organisations of almost all sectors and sizes. We are in business since 2009 and we are known for providing one of the most comprehensive suites of consulting services and training on various international standards and management systems based on international standards. We are a Karachi based organisation but offer our services for organisations located anywhere in Pakistan. Our services are aimed at the improvement of quality, efficiency, knowledge and competitiveness of potential clients. Mesh offers you industry experts to help answer your questions. Our team consists of professionals, business consultants and auditors with extensive years of experience in conformity to the international standards.

Mission & Vision

We are focused on design and provide business solutions to corporates of all sizes and nature and destined to achieve their satisfaction while keeping high standards in providing World-Class Consulting, Training and Educational Services.