Auditing Services
Mesh offers following service in respect of auditing and inspection.

Management System Audit
Whichever system is implemented in an organisation, Mesh has a qualified team of auditors/ consultants to perform audits. The management system could be a Quality Management System, Environmental Management System or even an Integrated Management System.
Preparation of audit/ inspection checklists.
Planning of audits.
Conducting audit.

Code of Conduct Audit
There are many businesses working in Pakistan who have a number of outlets with a city or even across Pakistan and these businesses really wish to know the performance of their outlets. Mesh can help in the following ways.
Preparation of code of conduct/ ethics.
Preparation of audit/ inspection checklists.
Preparation and training of auditors.
Planning of audits.
Conducting audit/ inspections.
Preparation of reports.
Preparation of statistical evaluation of the performance of every outlet.
Supplier Audit
Quality, health and safety inspections and audits are an essential part of any organisation’s ongoing management of risk, and with outsourced costs typically forming one of the latest aspects of business expenditure, it is essential that the same control is extended beyond the internal supply chain and into the external one.
The process of identifying, evaluating and on-going management of suppliers is critical to the overall performance of a company and should be considered an extension of its own brand.
Our qualified and lead auditor/ q consultants can provide a range of auditing services for businesses of any size, including:
HSE audits and inspections
Quality audits and inspections
Supplier assessment audits
Capability assessments.
Working in a collaborative and constructive way, we will assess performance against established requirements, internal procedures and legal requirements, providing detailed report, which highlight non-conformance and suggestions for corrective actions.

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